Today’s Topics : August 10, 2020

  1. Tragic murder / suicide
  2. Disability and Aid In Dying
  3. Aid in Dying and a Completed Life
  4. Another perspective on a completed life

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11-Year-Old Florida Girl Allegedly Shot by Father in Murder-Suicide
By Jeffry Martin, August 10, 2020

Another tragic story – father shoots terminally ill daughter and
himself. The Newsweek article quotes Final Exit Network president
emerita Janis Landis.

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People With Disabilities Want Same Peaceful Dying Option as Anyone Else
The Weekly Mailer, Burley, ID
By Dr. Mary Applegate, August 11, 2020

A Burley, ID weekly carries a letter from a disabled physician who
praises the Americans with Disabilities Act and argues that some
disabled people want equal access to aid in dying when they suffer
from diseases like cancer.

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‘He was ready to go’
Trailblazing pastor opts for medical assistance in dying
Winnipeg Free Press
By John Longhurst, August 22, 2020

Beautiful story about a completed life and a peaceful death.

“…my dad died in dignity, surrounded by the love of the people he
had invited to his passage. He died in a way that was congruent with
his theology, with his experience of and with God.”

His son describes the tattoo he received to honor his father in death:
“My wings are poised. I’m ready for flight,” it says.

“It’s what he said when the doctor asked if he was ready to die,”

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Meet the woman campaigning for her right to die just for being old
By Camille Bello, August 22, 2020

“Jencquel is 76 years old, she’s not suffering from any serious
illness, she’s not in a lot of pain. But if you ask her to choose
between being old, or dying: ‘I prefer dying,’ she says.”

This is another person’s view of a completed life,a very different
situation from that of the Winnipeg pastor in the previous post.