Today’s Topics: Oct 12, 2020

1. Dying with Dignity Bill moves forward in Ireland (Right To Die news list – FEN)
2. Alain Cocq will resume VSED (Right To Die news list – FEN)
3. More on the latest Sigrid Nunez novel(Right To Die news list – FEN)

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D?il passes Dying with Dignity Bill aimed at legalising assisted dying RTE By Sandra Hurley, Oct. 8, 2020

The lower house of the Irish legislature passed, by 10 votes, an aid-in-dying bill that will now proceed through the legislative process.

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Alain Cocq will resume VSED
Medical Futility Blog
By Thaddeus Pope, October 11, 2020

Thaddeus Pope reports that Alain Cocq will resume VSED after strengthening his Advance Directive for Stopping Eating and Drinking.

Mr. Cocq’s earlier attempt ended with him being moved to palliative care.

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Another fascinating review of the page-turning new novel, “What Are You Going Through”, by the absorbing and engrossing Sigrid Nunez, this time in the Sunday New York Times Book Review section.  It’s the first-person story of a woman helping a dear friend with her end-of-life journey, and is truly profound.

One of my favorite passages in the novel:  “I’m trying not to panic, she [the dying friend] said.  I’m trying to keep my head.  I don’t want to go out kicking and screaming.  Oh no, not me!  Not me!

Lashing out in rage, drowning in self-pity.  who wants to die like that?  Half-demented with fear …. On the other hand, make no mistake, she said:  she was no stoic.  She did not want to go through excruciating pain.  Pain was something that did terrify her.  Pain was the thing that terrified her most.  Because you can’t be self-possessed if you’re in agony, she said.  In that kind of pain you can’t think straight, you’re a desperate animal, you can think of only one thing.”

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